Unlocking Digital Identity Power: DID AirDrop Campaign Info

Unlocking Digital Identity Power: DID AirDrop Campaign Info

Omchain DID is redefining the digital identity verification process and celebrates this innovation with a campaign that rewards its users. This campaign allows users to create their own Digital Identity (DID) quickly, securely, and efficiently while also allowing them to earn extra rewards by inviting friends. 

Here are the details about the campaign:

Campaign Dates

Start Date: February 12, 2024, Monday

End Date: May 12, 2024, Sunday

How Can You Participate?

  • 1. Visit did.omchain.io, connect your wallet, and register using your email address.
  • 2. Confirm the verification email sent to your email address.
  • 3. After registration, your DID will be automatically created and transferred to your wallet.

4. After successfully creating your DID, you can share your reference code on our website with your friends and earn additional points.

Referral System

During the campaign, every new user who joins the Omchain DID platform will be automatically rewarded with 100 points the moment they create their DID.

When your friends register using your referral link and create their DID, you will earn 25 points for each successful referral.

Reward Pool | Phase-1 30,000 OMC

The points earned from the Omchain DID campaign will provide the opportunity to win rewards in OMC from a predetermined reward pool at the end of the campaign process. The purpose of the reward pool is to reward user activity and participation throughout the campaign, contributing to the growth of our ecosystem.

The Phase-1 Reward Pool is set to 30,000 OMC for up to 1,000 DIDs. Remember to follow our campaign for other phases and updates.

Reward Pool Details:

  • At the end of the campaign, the total amount of points collected by all users will be determined.
  • The reward pool will be divided by the total amount of points collected to determine the amount of OMC corresponding to each point.
  • Rewards will be distributed proportionally to the points collected by users within the campaign, ensuring that the distribution allows every participant to receive a reward appropriate to their contribution level.

Campaign Rules:

  • The campaign is valid between the specified dates.
  • Users can create only one DID during the campaign period.
  • The creation of a DID is valued at 100 points for each user.
  • Users earn 25 points for each successful referral. A successful referral is completed when the referred person creates their DID.
  • Creating multiple DIDs, attempting to deceive the system, making false referral registrations, or engaging in any actions that could harm the system or other users' rights will result in the deletion of all points, cancellation of campaign participation, and permanent banning from the platform.
  • At the end of the campaign, rewards will be calculated based on the points collected by participants, determining how many OMC corresponds to each point, and rewards will be distributed in OMC.
  • The distribution of rewards will be notified to the participants on a date determined after the campaign, in a manner decided by Omchain.
  • Omchain reserves the right to change the campaign rules and conditions without prior notice. Updates will be announced on the Omchain DID platform and social media channels.

Why Should You Participate?

The Omchain DID campaign is a revolution in the digital identity verification process.  Participating in this campaign means you can securely create a DID in just a few minutes and earn extra rewards by inviting your friends.. The campaign offers the opportunity to secure your identity in the digital world and gain more interaction and privileges in the Omchain ecosystem.

Take control of your digital identity management with Omchain DID and become part of this innovative platform today. For more information and to participate in the campaign, visit did.omchain.io.

If you have more questions about the campaign, contact us at info@omchain.io. This campaign is an excellent opportunity to step into the future of digital identity verification.


What is Omchain DID?

  • Omchain DID is a blockchain-based identity verification system that allows users to verify their digital identities securely, quickly, and efficiently. Users can create their own Digital Identity (DID) in seconds using their email addresses.

How Does Omchain DID Work?

  • Users start by entering their email addresses on the Omchain DID platform. After verifying this information, the system provides users a unique digital identity (DID). The DID can be used as an identity verification tool in various online transactions in the future.

What are the Benefits of Omchain DID?

  • Omchain DID simplifies, accelerates, and enhances the security of the identity verification process. Users can protect their personal information while only sharing the necessary details. It also reduces SMS and email verification costs and complies with data privacy regulations like GDPR.

Is Creating a DID Free?

  • Yes, creating a DID on the Omchain DID platform is entirely free.

What Transactions Can I Perform Using Omchain DID?

  • Although Omchain DID has yet to be actively used, it offers an ideal solution for identity verification requirements in various sectors such as banking, insurance, e-commerce, and retail. It also has the potential to be used in verifying university diplomas, professional licenses, and other essential documents.

Is Omchain DID Secure?

  • Yes, Omchain DID provides high security and transparency using blockchain technology. User identity information is not shared or disclosed without their permission.

How Can I Create a DID?

  • Visit did.omchain.io, enter your email address, and follow the instructions on the screen to create your DID in a few seconds.

Can I Get Support Regarding Omchain DID?

  • If you have any questions or need assistance, please get in touch with us at info@omchain.io. Our support team will be happy to help.

What are the Future Plans for Omchain DID?

  • Omchain plans to improve continuously DID technology and add new features. Additionally, collaborations will be expanded for broader use cases and integrations.

How Can I Win Rewards in the Omchain DID Campaign?

  • You can earn points during the campaign by creating your DID and successfully referring your friends. Your points will be calculated at the end of the campaign, and you will receive rewards in OMC Coin based on your points.

What is the Reward Pool, and How Does It Work?

  • The reward pool contains OMC Coins distributed based on the activities and participation of campaign participants. At the end of the campaign, OMC Coin rewards will be allocated proportionally from the reward pool based on the points collected by participants.

When Will the Rewards Be Distributed?

  • Rewards will be distributed after the campaign ends, calculations are made, and the total points of participants are determined. Follow the Omchain DID campaign page and announcements for exact information on the reward distribution date.

What is OMC?

  • OMC Coin is the native cryptocurrency of the Omchain platform. It can be used for various transactions within the platform and is the unit of value distributed as campaign rewards.

Are My Collected Points Sufficient to Receive a Reward?

  • The points you collect at the end of the campaign will determine the amount of OMC Coin you will receive from the reward pool. Reward amounts will be calculated proportionally based on the total points collected by participants during the campaign.

How Can I Receive My Rewards?

  • To receive your rewards, you must follow the instructions provided at the end of the campaign. Typically, rewards will be automatically transferred to participants' Omchain accounts or their specific wallet addresses.
  • Is There a Way to Earn OMC Coin Outside of the Campaign?