Omchain Foundation - Monthly Newsletter - June 2024

Omchain Foundation - Monthly Newsletter - June 2024

Robust Steps in the Global Arena

Dear Omchain Community,

As previously mentioned, we are committed to taking decisive steps on the global stage. We made productive use of May, participating in numerous events across London, New York, Las Vegas, Texas, and Lithuania. We were present wherever we aimed to showcase our services and products, and it was a truly remarkable experience for all of us.


Date: 20 May 2024

We were everywhere, as always. We captured amazing opportunities to spread Omchain’s services and products. We met many significant thought leaders, entrepreneurs, VCs, Family Offices, and project leaders. Our presence at various events allowed us to forge valuable connections and expand our network, further solidifying our position in the industry.


Date: May 29-31, 2024

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Consensus is one of the world’s largest, longest-running, and most influential gatherings, bringing together all facets of the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and Web3 community.

What a remarkable summit it was. We concluded Consensus with outstanding meetings, gatherings, new connections, and potential collaborations. We had a fantastic opportunity to showcase our capabilities and powerful features in the North American blockchain market.


We have announced the Experimental Blockchain Academy this month. We are about to revolutionise blockchain education by integrating our services and products into the education programme. With this programme, we aim to discover new heroes within companies, helping their companies solve existing problems by using blockchain technology. Omchain LABS serves as an experimental education platform for those exploring the intricacies of utilising blockchain. There exists a significant gap in blockchain education globally, particularly for executives and business professionals who lack the knowledge to integrate this promising technology into their business models. At this juncture, the Omchain Foundation bridges this gap for all relevant parties, demonstrating how they can effectively harness the technology and reap the benefits of Web3's intricacies. How can they address corporate challenges with the support of Web3?


The Omchain Foundation is poised to enhance commercial relations with local business professionals in Lithuania. Another significant market for us is Eastern Europe. We have visited several business communities, creating opportunities with relevant parties and making Omchain's infrastructure more accessible and usable for everyone. We have completed productive meetings with various entrepreneurs and business professionals, leaving us with great memories and promising opportunities for the future.

The Announcement of Cointelegraph:

In the rapidly evolving field of blockchain technology, each advancement represents a significant stride towards progress. Today, Omchain is delighted to announce a major milestone in its journey—a strategic partnership with Cointelegraph, the leading global media platform for blockchain and cryptocurrency news. This collaboration signifies a crucial juncture for Omchain as it reaches new heights.

We are excited to collaborate with Cointelegraph. Their detailed analysis and endorsement of our project validate our efforts and vision. This partnership will provide us with unprecedented exposure and opportunities on a global scale.

CSIGHT Partneship:

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We are teaming up with CSight. Positioned for success, we aim to propel the Omchain Mainnet to unprecedented heights through strategic partnerships.


Every month, we regularly conduct these burns for the benefit of our community by repurchasing tokens from the market. In May, 100,000 OMC tokens were repurchased and burned.

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Best Regards,

Omchain Foundation