Omchain Foundation - Monthly Newsletter - April 2024

Omchain Foundation - Monthly Newsletter - April 2024

Dear Omchain Community,

As we step into April, we're greeted with a plethora of opportunities. March has been characterized by significant partnerships and collaborations. We're excited to announce the completion of our strategic alliances and partnerships, marking a pivotal moment for Omchain. With the successful listing of OMC/TRY on Bitexen Crypto Exchange, we've navigated through intense yet promising days. Now, our project is more accessible for Turkish Crypto Enthusiats.



A significant milestone has been reached for both the Omchain Foundation and the cryptocurrency community as OMC is now listed in Turkish Lira (TRY) on the esteemed Bitexen exchange. This decision marks a pivotal moment in our journey towards greater accessibility and adoption of Omchain within the Turkish market.

Global Expansion and Fintech Vision:

Bitexen's ambitious global expansion projects and strategic positioning as a Fintech company further solidified its appeal to the Omchain Foundation. With plans to rapidly expand into key target countries and a focus on enhancing financial literacy within the blockchain sector, Bitexen's objectives align closely with the near-term goals of the Omchain Foundation. The shared vision of reaching 5 million users underscores the symbiotic relationship between Bitexen and Omchain, both poised to catalyze the mass adoption of digital assets and blockchain technology.



We announced an exciting new partnership with Erkin Sahinoz Academy. This collaboration marks a significant milestone for both parties and holds great promise for the future. The objective of this partnership is to propel the financial industry forward into the realm of Web3. By promoting the adoption of blockchain technology among financial institutions and corporate entities, we anticipate a transformative impact on the sector. Embracing blockchain will undoubtedly foster a more innovative and transparent landscape within the industry. At Omchain, we are committed to pioneering initiatives that drive the industry forward, and this partnership underscores our dedication to instigating positive change. We firmly believe that by joining forces with Erkin Sahinoz Academy, we can achieve remarkable outcomes.

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Introducing Slash Digital Wallet Integration with Omchain L1 Infrastructure:

The Omchain Foundation declared its official wallet partnership with Slash, an Official Wallet Partner of SLASH. In the coming months, Omchain Foundation will integrate Omchain into the Slash Wallet, marking a significant milestone in our journey. This integration signifies more than just a technical advancement; it represents a substantial step forward in the realm of Web3 technology. For those unfamiliar, Web3 embodies the next generation of the internet, characterised by decentralisation, heightened security, and user empowerment. At the core of this movement are digital wallets, acting as gateways to the decentralised web, enabling users to securely store, manage, and transact with

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Paraph-Omchain Partnership: Pioneering Blockchain Solutions for Corporations:

With Paraph's support, Omchain is strategically positioning itself in niche markets, establishing partnerships with prominent players across sectors including Audit, Finance, IoT, AI, Government, and private enterprises. Paraph's robust connections in Turkey, BAE, and Eastern Europe bolster collaborative endeavors, facilitating the adoption of best practices and the expansion of implementation initiatives. Our approach entails understanding companies' needs, educating them on blockchain technology, analysing their requirements, refining their blockchain needs with monetisation methods, and expediting the integration process while prioritising simplicity.

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Strengthening Security and Regulatory Compliance in IoT Infrastructure with Piton Technology:

In an era characterized by rising cyber threats, prioritizing regulatory compliance and strengthening security measures is of paramount importance, especially within the realm of Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure. Acknowledging the critical significance of this undertaking, Piton Technology and Omchain have united their efforts in a collaborative venture aimed at enhancing the security and regulatory compliance of IoT infrastructure, particularly within the context of smart cities. The importance of regulatory compliance cannot be overstated, particularly as IoT devices continue to proliferate in our daily lives. From data privacy regulations to industry-specific compliance standards, adherence to regulatory requirements is crucial for mitigating risks and upholding the integrity of IoT networks.

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Financial Compliance with Blockchain: ÇÖZÜMTR Partnership:

ÇÖZÜMTR, a prominent innovator in the realm of financial technology (FinTech), acknowledges the potential of blockchain to effectively address compliance challenges. Leveraging their extensive expertise in payment systems and profound understanding of the financial sector, ÇÖZÜMTR has embarked on a journey to harness blockchain technology for compliance purposes. Teaming up with Omchain Network, a blockchain platform renowned for its scalability and security features, ÇÖZÜMTR aspires to revolutionize compliance within the finance industry. By harnessing the advanced consensus mechanisms and smart contract capabilities of the Omchain Network, ÇÖZÜMTR can ensure that compliance processes are automated, auditable, and resistant to tampering.

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We announced that the Omchain Foundation has successfully acquired Omelette Swap, representing a notable milestone in our efforts to improve liquidity provision and broaden our decentralized exchange (DEX) capabilities on Omchain. This acquisition positions us to confidently advance, strengthening liquidity and cultivating new partnerships. Under the management of the Omchain Foundation, Omelette Swap will remain a leading decentralized exchange for trading and liquidity provision on Omchain. This strategic decision underscores our dedication to delivering a smooth and effective platform for token trading and liquidity management.

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Our recent dialogue with Layer1X proved to be enlightening, delving into a range of topics including Interoperability, RWA, TGE, and more. We explored the benefits of L1X, discussing aspects like Taxation, Bills, and Digitized IDs. Additionally, we conducted a thorough examination of L1X/OMCHAIN ID, offering insights into Identity on the Blockchain. Furthermore, we discussed the implementation of L1X, sharing best practices and real-world applications.


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As the Omchain Foundation, we were honoured to host numerous esteemed tech professionals in Eskisehir. Our steadfast commitment to standing with and supporting women remains unwavering, and we are dedicated to maintaining this support. Providing women with access to the latest technologies is paramount in fostering their success. Their ability to comprehend, internalize, and apply technology will play a pivotal role in their advancement in the business world. Building upon this dedication, the Omchain Foundation convened some of Turkey's leading business figures for our women under the theme 'Tomorrow is Late' in Eskişehir, a modern and welcoming city in Anatolia. We facilitated engaging discussions, inspirational talks, and sessions addressing global trends. Our resolve to empower women through technology remains resolute.

March has been a tremendous month for the Omchain Foundation. We've made significant strides in advancing Omchain and its products by forging strong partnerships with strategic allies.

As we bid farewell to March, we extend our warmest wishes to our global partners, OMC Holders, and the entire Christian community for a joyful Easter celebration. 

We look forward to the upcoming Ramadan Feast. On behalf of the Omchain Foundation, we send our heartfelt feelings in advance for this auspicious occasion. 

Warm regards, 

Eid Mubarak.

Omchain Foundation.