Omchain Newsletter - January 2024 Highlights

Omchain Newsletter - January 2024 Highlights

Dear Omchain Community,

As we bid farewell to an eventful year, we are excited to share the latest updates and achievements from December 2023. This month has been marked by significant launches, partnerships, and engaging events that further solidify Omchain's position in the blockchain ecosystem.

PRODUCT LAUNCH: ChainConnect's Beta Version!

We are thrilled to announce the successful launch of our latest product - #ChainConnect's Beta Version is now live! ChainConnect brings an innovative solution to users and developers by eliminating the 12-word storage requirement found in existing crypto wallets. This facilitates seamless wallet creation and programmatic access.

With Programmatic Access, developers can now programmatically interact with wallets through ChainConnect, opening the door to the development of advanced applications and services. The features of Token Production and Transfer provide flexible solutions, empowering the creation of token-based applications and ecosystems.

ChainConnect stands as the pinnacle of our 2023 roadmap, offering a promising avenue to enhance efficiency and interaction within the Omchain ecosystem.


Omchain Foundation's Participation in the GSB Blockchain Summit and Youth Hackathon

As the Omchain Foundation, we were thrilled to be part of the "GSB Blockchain Summit and Youth Hackathon," organized by the Turkish Republic Youth and Sports Ministry from December 15th to 17th. Serving as both jury members and moderators, it was an exciting opportunity for us.

Omchain, with sustainability ingrained in its core philosophy, feels both honored and proud to act as an inspiration for developers working on projects dedicated to sustainability across various categories. The hackathon's awards, to our delight, will be presented in OMC, further reinforcing our commitment to supporting innovative initiatives.

We were pleased to share noteworthy updates with our valued OMC Holders during the event. Our dedication remains unwavering as we actively participate wherever solutions are being devised to tackle real-world challenges with blockchain technology.

What a tremendous honor it was to support brilliant minds and present OMC awards at the "GSB Blockchain Summit and Youth Hackathon" organized by the Turkish Republic Youth and Sports Ministry. Our commitment extends to supporting the future through education on blockchain technology, ensuring a legacy of knowledge and innovation.



Omchain Foundation's Strong Partnership with Bigint NFT

As the Omchain Foundation, we are proud to announce a robust alliance with Bigint NFT, seamlessly blending traditional and groundbreaking elements. Committed to providing unparalleled experiences and pioneering innovations, together we unite to spearhead the future. Hand in hand, we shape the prospects of tomorrow in the field of NFTs!

Bigint stands as a community-centric NFT marketplace that has come to fruition within the zkSync network and soon within the Omchain network too!


This platform offers a comprehensive space where individuals can engage not only in the buying and selling of NFTs but also in fostering connections within the community and associated projects. Going beyond the conventional role of a mere NFT marketplace, our users have the opportunity to delve into various projects, directly communicate with artists, share their creative ideas, and participate in community events. Thus, the platform not only facilitates NFT trading but also actively encourages involvement in shaping the evolution of the art world within a thriving community.

Enter the World of Collectibles with Utilify:

The Omchain Ecosystem is undergoing a remarkable expansion! We are thrilled to introduce Utilify as our latest project partner. 

What is Utilify?

Utilify stands as a customer engagement, all-in-one web3 platform for enterprises, with a focus on building their brand community using NFTs while effortlessly and joyfully gathering zero-party customer data. Utilify takes memories and encapsulates them as NFTs, seamlessly shareable at various occasions such as social gatherings, conferences, or even within the virtual realms of Twitter spaces. With just a single click, you can immortalise moments that resonate, preserving them eternally on the blockchain. It represents a novel way to curate and distribute memories, turning each one into a lasting token of significance.


December 18th at 11 AM UTC


Exclusive Discussion with Layer1X on Omchain Twitter Spaces:

We had the pleasure of hosting Layer1X COO Matiu Rudolph and CSO Mike Stewart on Omchain Twitter Spaces. During this engaging session, we posed several questions regarding our partnership and its future expectations. The insightful discussion provided clarity on the intricacies of the collaboration between Omchain and Layer1X. Their responses were both valuable and promising.

Some of the questions we directed to them included:

  1. How thoroughly do we understand the needs and expectations of our target audience for our digital identity product, and what adjustments can we make to better meet those needs?
  2. Are our current digital marketing channels effective in reaching our target audience for the digital identity product, or should we explore new platforms or technologies?
  3. What insights does our competitive analysis provide about other digital identity solutions, and how can we differentiate our product in the market?
  4. How can we enhance our online presence and leverage digital marketing to increase awareness and adoption of our digital identity product?
  5. What feedback have we received from current users of our digital identity product, and how can we use that feedback to improve the user experience?
  6. Are our marketing goals for the digital identity product well-defined and measurable, and what key performance indicators (KPIs) are we using to track success?
  7. In what ways can we integrate security and privacy features into our marketing strategy to build trust among users?
  8. What collaborations or partnerships can we explore to expand the reach of our digital identity product and enhance its credibility?
  9. How can we optimize our digital marketing budget to ensure cost-effective campaigns and maximize return on investment for our digital identity product?

A Detailed Conversation on Digital ID by Fio Protocol:

We were graciously welcomed by Fio Protocol on its channel. Our conversation delved into the fascinating realm of Digital Identity, exploring its capabilities and features within the blockchain domain. Our mission to disseminate the influence of Omchain in every aspect of life remains steadfast!

You can find details about our chat here.


December 27th at UTC 18:00+3

Exploring the Nuances of Our New Partner Utilify:

We immersed ourselves in the intricacies of our recent partner, Utilify, and its contributions to Omchain. During our discussion in the Omchain Telegram Group, we presented a series of valuable and inspiring questions to them, probing into aspects such as: 

“How does your company differentiate itself in the market, especially by focusing on collectible and web3 loyalty tools? How do you utilize blockchain technology and enhance ownership economy experiences for users? Could you explain how you have transformed traditional loyalty programs with blockchain and the advantages it brings to businesses and customers? Why do you consider collaboration with the Omchain Network as an opportunity for your company?

You have a notable application sponsored by IKAS. Could you provide some details about the IKAS NFT Legends campaign? You had a collaboration with THY in June; could you elaborate on this for our listeners? What inspired the development of your Web3 loyalty tool, and how does it serve a broad audience, including those less familiar with this technology? Can you share examples of businesses successfully implementing and customizing your tool?

How does your platform facilitate community building, and what features are available for businesses to customize their community experiences?”

Their responses were sincere and detailed. It was an enjoyable and promising session with the Co-Founders of Utilify.


Active Participation in London Events:

We have actively taken part in various events held in London, consistently seizing every opportunity to promote and disseminate the message of Omchain. Recently, Stefan Pierre, a distinguished global member of the Omchain Foundation, and I attended a crypto event hosted by the Crypto London Crypto Club. This provided us with a valuable chance to showcase the OMC project in front of project co-founders and crypto enthusiasts in London.

Exploring Opportunities in the Asia Pacific Region:

We have engaged in discussions on potential opportunities in the Asia Pacific region with Nazmus Sakib Khan. Particularly, We highlighted the prospects of Digital Identity in the banking, insurance, and e-commerce industries. Our commitment to expanding OMC's footprint in the Asia Pacific region remains

strong, and we are actively charting a roadmap for this endeavour.

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2023 RECAPs:

In the dynamic landscape of 2023, Omchain achieved remarkable milestones and forged impactful collaborations across the globe. Here's a snapshot of our journey:

International Crypto Exchange Listings: Omchain secured listings on five prominent international crypto exchanges - Coinstore, Bitmart, Biconomy, MEXC, and Pancake Swap.

Istanbul Municipality Collaboration: A significant partnership was established with the Istanbul Municipality, marking a collaborative effort towards innovation.

Digital Identity Protocol Development: Omchain dedicated resources to the development of cutting-edge digital identity protocols, contributing to the evolution of secure and efficient systems.

Incubation Project Management: Successfully managing an incubation project, Omchain demonstrated its prowess in nurturing and supporting innovative ventures.

Global Presence: Omchain extended its footprint to key locations such as Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Portugal-Algarve, Dubai, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Lisbon-Portugal.

Blockchain Summits: Participation in major blockchain summits worldwide, including the Tel Aviv Blockchain Summit, BlockDown, Istanbul Blockchain Week, Singapore 2049, Dubai GITEX, Hong Kong Finance Week, and a groundbreaking exhibition at WEBSUMMIT in Lisbon, Portugal.

Best Regards,

Happy New Year!!!

Omchain Foundation