Omchain Foundation - Monthly Newsletter - May 2024

Omchain Foundation - Monthly Newsletter - May 2024

The Month of Globalization

Dear Omchain Community,

As we step into May, we're greeted with numerous global opportunities. April has been characterized by significant steps and spreading. We're excited to announce the completion of our strategic global journey. With successful participation in global summits in London and Bucharest, we've paved the way in favour of Omchain.


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   As representatives of Omchain Foundation, we received an invitation to the CoinTelegraph Special Event at the start of April. It presented a wonderful opportunity to forge close ties with CoinTelegraph Executives and their esteemed guests. Our time in London allowed us to engage with numerous thought leaders, venture capitalists, Family Offices, and Industry Representatives. We showcased the Omchain infrastructure and our Web3-based Digital ID Solution, leaving a strong impression on attendees. Each stride made on the global stage holds great promise, and following this event, we sense exceptional opportunities on the horizon. Only time will reveal what lies ahead.


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We found ourselves in Birmingham, England, attending Sport Accord, one of the premier sports summits globally. Our aim was to explore fresh opportunities for integrating blockchain technology into the sports industry, particularly for recording athletes' data. During the event, we engaged in valuable one-on-one meetings and expressed the potential of Omchain in terms of compliance, security, speed, and innovative offerings. We intend to pursue potential partnerships arising from these interactions.


The Digital Innovation Summit in Bucharest got off to an energetic start with a compelling first day, featuring influential leaders and keynote speakers delving into the realm of Digital Diplomacy. As representatives of the Omchain Foundation, we seized the opportunity to engage with key stakeholders and officials in Romania. Encouragingly, we found government officials receptive to collaborating on new initiatives and embracing innovations. The momentum continued into the second day, which was dedicated to exploring emerging technologies such as blockchain and AI. As we discussed our technology with them, conversations focused on OID, supported by the OMCHAIN Foundation, garnering particular attention. It was rewarding to receive positive feedback from Romanian government officials, indicating a promising outlook for our technology. Moving forward, we are committed to nurturing our relationships to seamlessly integrate our unique solutions into relevant sectors. In summary, our presence at the summit succeeded in capturing the attention of representatives and officials, particularly in advocating for the adoption of Digital ID systems within the blockchain domain. We eagerly anticipate furthering these discussions and driving impactful change in the digital landscape.


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Following our attendance at the EY Blockchain Summit in London, it's clear that EY is on the brink of introducing its blockchain-based product. Reflecting on the event, several key insights emerged:

Major financial institutions including Visa, JP Morgan, Citi, EY, and Santander have fully embraced blockchain technology, with dedicated divisions driving innovative blockchain initiatives.

The pressing issue of blockchain-based education for individuals, echoed in both London and our experiences in Hong Kong, highlights the urgent need for governmental and foundation interventions to overcome educational barriers.

Both Canary Wharf and the City of London have recognised the significance of blockchain technology, indicating a growing awareness within prominent financial districts.

With regulatory frameworks nearing completion, there's widespread anticipation for accelerated growth in blockchain adoption, particularly in sectors such as Pension Funds and Real World Assets.


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We're delighted to announce the debut of the inaugural Meme Token project on Omchain Within just a few brief weeks, they've achieved notable milestones. Cultivating a lively community and attracting followers, the project has openly communicated its ambitions for the future. We're excited to embrace the OMI Token within the Omchain ecosystem and extend a warm invitation to other potential projects interested in token issuance. The Omchain Foundation stands prepared to assist all enterprises venturing into the blockchain industry


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We're absolutely thrilled that the Omchain Foundation will be represented at Consensus, the largest crypto event globally, in Austin, Texas. We have a strong feeling that exciting opportunities lie ahead.


We've just unveiled a community partnership with Subava Meme Token. Through this collaboration, our goal is to attract the interest of fresh community members.


We're embarking on a new chapter for the Omchain Foundation and its initiatives. From now on, you'll witness more strides towards bolstering global relations and partnerships. We're dedicated to forging collaborations with new global companies to integrate Omchain products. Our efforts to encourage the use of the Omchain Mainnet by start-ups, initiatives, projects, charities, institutions, and more will be intensified. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates. 

Warm regards, 

Omchain Foundation